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package import

package import

Thursday 12 January 2012 1:51:54 pm - 1 reply

Hello all i am attempting to import a package into an ez  install that i have v4.4.0 (4.4.0).

I created the package in a development environment using the same version ez, os w2008r2 and iis 7.5.

When i try to import the package into my install it errors 503(http). When i check the ez logs i have this error.

[ Jan 12 2012 12:28:20 ] [] eZContentOperationCollection::moveNode:Failed to move node 2875 as child of parent node

my question is does the package install functionality require some permissions to be assigned to it to work? and if so where can i set them

Many thanks



Monday 16 January 2012 4:45:23 am

Hello nicholas,


I am short on time but I wanted to share that for the past few days I have been silently trying to find more information on the problem you are experiancing. Unfortunatly I only ran into dead ends so far.

I think this might be because the google index of source code does not include things like branches like stable-4-4

I finally found the string I was searching for directly by re-reading your original forum message in greater detail / attention to all the detail you shared and went to the code error directly instead of searching. The devil is always in the details ...

Thank you for the high quality forum topic with most of the important details shared from the start. This really helps others narrow the focus!


To answer your question about where to set permissions via role policies view using admin siteaccess and uri, '/role/list'.


This was the was the code I was looking for ...

Which is where the log entry is generated btw if your digging into the kernel trying to trace the problem to it's source (as you should happy.gif Emoticon

Following the trail of execution I'm guessing that this is another aspect to the situation,


Pausing for a moment and backing up to your question about role permissions required.

I would recommend using the admin user to import and install content packages, though I'm not certain if there are problems with other role permissions or policies available for this use.

I think if you use any user but 'admin' you would require a lot of additional policies and policy changes to ensure that you have all the required 'package' function policies and all the content tree 'content' function policies as well.

All with respect to the specified parameters of the content tree; ie: user has to have full permissions to all content tree to manipulate content, just a guess but prolly a safe one.



I have one question, I'm just curious, when you get this log entry error message you mentioned in your original forum post.

Do you also get this other log error message "Node $nodeID was moved to $newParentNodeID but fetching the new node failed" as specified in the code (see the else block log write statement) as well?


I also noticed that you could enable the eZ Publish audit log settings and get more detailed information within the logs of the operation in question.


This page shows you much more about audit logs,


If I find any more helpful information, related or otherwise I'll return and share.

I just wanted to be the one to say your request was heard and not ignored. I just don't know the answer offhand.


I would say let us all know what user and role(s) your using when trying to perform this task / request / operation. That might be helpful to share.




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