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php-pcntl, (where) is it required or recommended?

php-pcntl, (where) is it required or recommended?

Sunday 02 September 2012 8:56:23 am - 3 replies

php-pcntl is a required extension for eZ, as I read, and recommended for ezfind.  Since I don't find a straight Debian/Ubuntu or RHEL package for it, do you have some advice? what if it's skipped? is it important for performance? (does it save RAM? cpu?)


Modified on Sunday 02 September 2012 8:57:11 am by Francesco Ronzon

Sunday 02 September 2012 10:43:05 am

I've never installed this but it looks like the asynchronous publishing feature and ezodf use it.


The asynchronous publishing script/daemon requires the pcntl functions to be available in order to run, as it heavily
requires on parallel publishing through forking and process control. Some distributions (Ubuntu 11.0 for instance)
disable them by default. The daemon won't be able to run if one of the required ones isn't available.


Here are links on how to install in debian:

This is also an interesting read:

Looks like if you install it, you should only enable it for the CLI.

Modified on Sunday 02 September 2012 10:43:48 am by Steven E Bailey

Wednesday 05 September 2012 8:40:29 am

Thanks Steven for your answer.

Maybe we've always had pcntl "installed" without even knowing it:  I have that in all our servers this: 

 php -i | grep pcntl


 pcntl support => enabled


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Wednesday 12 September 2012 2:13:45 pm


for what i know pcntl is used by ezfind during indexation to paralelize tasks. If you don't use ezfind for your installation the, it is not a requierement.


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