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PHP version and upgrading from 3.6.12 to 4.0

PHP version and upgrading from 3.6.12 to 4.0

Friday 13 June 2008 11:39:27 am - 3 replies


Im going to move a EZ site from version 3.6.12 to 4.0. We are currently using RedHat ES 3 with php version 4.3.2.

We will move the site to a new server with RedHat ES 5 and php 5.1.6.

Im going to follow this guide:

But it doesn't say anything about the php version. Is it possible to move the site to the new server, do the db-scripts and the systemupgrade-scripts with the new php version?


Friday 13 June 2008 2:04:23 pm

No, only the eZ Publish 4.0 scripts are supported on php 5.x

Saturday 14 June 2008 10:00:55 pm

So theres no way to upgrade from 3.6.12 to 4.0 without having a installation with php 4.4?

The reason why im trying to avoid version 4.4 is because theres no version of Redhat Enterprise (ES) that comes with 4.4 only 4.3 and 5.x.


Monday 16 June 2008 9:22:28 am


You can also upgrade your site on a client computer (not a server), by example with windows and wamp, in order to easily manage apache and php versions needed for the upgrade. Then install the upgraded flies and db on your new server.

Good luck !


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