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PHP5.1.6 and eZPublish 4.1.4 - possible?

PHP5.1.6 and eZPublish 4.1.4 - possible?

Thursday 08 April 2010 1:47:23 am - 4 replies

The subject says it all, is it possible to have eZPublish 4.1.4 together with PHP5.1.6 or is the 5.2.x requirement a very strict one in this sense?

If it is required: why is that?

Thanks a lot!

Thursday 08 April 2010 1:50:35 pm

AFAIK everything from PHP 5.1.3 on should be fine without modifications in eZ Publish 4.1.3 (did not try with 4.1.4 but I suppose it will work as well). For PHP < 5.1.3 you would need to patch eZ Publish. Also see

Thursday 08 April 2010 2:25:54 pm

Sure it will work, but you'll have a problem with the eZ Components which require PHP 5.2.1+ :s

Thursday 08 April 2010 3:48:51 pm

This will probably depend from component to component, so far I did not see any issues on the installation I mentioned before here in this thread (just a standard eZ Publish with some pages, not using fancy WebDAV publishing etc.).

Wednesday 14 April 2010 4:51:31 pm

Thanks guys. I decided not to upgrade to 4.1.4, and just keep working at 4.0.7 as I cannot gaurantee the working of the system in 4.1.4...



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