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Problem adding images to articles

Problem adding images to articles

Wednesday 21 January 2004 2:11:17 pm - 3 replies

Hello all.
I have problem adding pictures to an article. I can add the article, with the picture, but it's not showing on the user page.
I've turned debug on, and the var/log/error.log says this when I add the article :

Timing Point: Module start 'content'
Undefined variable: 'AvailableSiteDesigns' in group 'VersionView'
Undefined variable: 'AvailableSiteDesigns' in group 'VersionView'
The reference alias original file var/corporate/storage/images-versioned/519/1-eng-GB/teeeeest1.jpg does not exist
Original alias does not exists, cannot create other aliases without it
Failed creating the referenced alias reference, cannot create alias medium

The path seems wrong, because it picture is actually stored in :

What setting can i change to fix this?

This is a new test-install of 3.3-1.
Other versions are apache1.3.29, php4.3.4 and ImageMagick-5.5.7.

Wednesday 21 January 2004 2:26:36 pm

to me it seems like you have deleted a section or something from site.ini, and used it in another site.ini.append file. You should have this setting in the site.ini as well, only override it in the other files, else ez will give this error. Could this be the reason?


Wednesday 21 January 2004 2:34:10 pm

thanks for your reply!
I haven't changed anything in site.ini, or added anything to site.ini.append.php! This test site is a fresh install..


Wednesday 21 January 2004 2:49:43 pm

hi again,
There is some imagesettings in the ini file that tells where the imagepaths are. Check those and also check that the permission for the folders are ok.



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