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Problem sub-items in Back-office with Chrome and IE.

Problem sub-items in Back-office with Chrome and IE.

Tuesday 08 January 2013 2:43:11 pm

Hello everybody,

My problem is with sub-items in back-office, these are not displayed and not showing "error data".

I make some searches and test and I describe the problem: an error is detected in javascript at file in the cache folder this file is generated from this file /extension/ezjscore/design/standard/lib/yui/2.8.1/build/yuiloader/yuiloader-min.js.

The most bizarre is that the result of the same code at certain level is different between Firefox and Chrome; Chrome returns an undefined result that is causing the problem.

is that it may be a configuration problem?


eZ Publish version: 4.4.0

The piece of code that generates the problem:

for (k=j+1; k<l; k=k+1) {

                        if (requires(a, s[k])) {


                            // extract the dependency so we can move it up


                            b = s.splice(k, 1);



                            // insert the dependency above the item that

                            // requires it


                            s.splice(j, 0, b[0]);


                            moved = true;




Thank you in advance

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