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Problem with Instalation on VirtualHost [EZ instaler not endin' operation]

Problem with Instalation on VirtualHost [EZ instaler not endin' operation]

Sunday 30 March 2003 4:06:09 pm - 7 replies


I try install Ez Publish 5th times and i have same sad scoreblunk.gif Emoticon

My problem
I send all files on my account
www.opera.icpnet.pl to directory "dbs"
/dbs => ezpublish directory changed name from "ezpublish-3.0-1"
I change CHMODS
I put URL in the browser:
www.opera.icpnet.pl/dbs and waitin'...
ok i saw the instalation setup
i CLICK "Check System" and waitin...
"No problems was found with your system" i saw, and v happy CLICK "Finetune System button" and waitin'...
and saw
1. PHP option Magic Quotes is enabled
2. Missing MBString extension
3. Missing ImageMagick program
OK i read that is not so sad and click NEXT button
I chose Database method [MySQL]
I chose Language [Multilanguage method]
I put to forms all datas to initialize Database
Login/PassW/DBname/Hosr/ [without socked becouse i dont know]
Then i saw "Ilnstall Demo?" I answer NO clik Next and saw "The database was succesfully initialized"
OK all fine
I chose mail method and NEXT
Site Details
I put Title
and saw adress on next box "http://www.opera.icpnet.pl/dbs/index.php/user" and click NEXT

but next page is Registery page and if i click register button for 15 seconds i have standard WEB ERROR like page not found i dnot know the number of error becouse my hosting firm not numerin' errors

My question is - What i do wrong?
If i put url on Browser "www.opera.icpnet.pl/dbs" nothin' loadin' on

Thx for any suggestion

Peter [ Opera Maniachappy.gif Emoticon ]

PS: If i want to check the setup again i must delete all scripts and post on server again it is verry flustrate...


Sunday 30 March 2003 4:22:40 pm

Have you tried skip registration? Could be something with ez registration system.


Paulo Almeida

Sunday 30 March 2003 4:53:17 pm

I try skip registration in first time when i install ezP maybe i must change code in the site.ini? I dont know and i ask...

Maybe i do somethin wrong when i not change
http://www.opera.icpnet.pl/dbs/index.php/user in step when i must put TITLE and ADDRESS?
I must have "user" catalog on my ezpublish directory?

Sunday 30 March 2003 10:12:35 pm

Can you try what happens when you call:


i'm currently working on an installation got a similar problem.
the installation seems to work ok, but after it the site is not accessible.


Zeno Streich

Sunday 30 March 2003 10:17:30 pm

As mentioned before i did also an additional installation von a vhost.
After it completes the site is not available:

when i take a look at the admin site:
i get some errors concerning open_basedir restriction.
but the messages don't make sense for me as it tell's me that ezdb is not allowed in the lib directory which is a subdir of the allowed path ?

Monday 31 March 2003 2:26:27 pm

I Install ez publish again many times
but i have same final result

I install this on other catalogs and with many .../index.php/names [admin; user, ...]
with demo site and without demo site

I download version 2.2 and try install and when i put url on browser www.site.com/ezpublish-2-2/ i have server error 500

I dont know what i must do. This is end of my adventure with ezpublish?
I try install that since 4 days and nothin'

If i want delete script from my account i cant delete cache files becouse ezpublish change rights to user name "51"

Im v sad becouse i thin ezpublish is very good cms system but not for everyonesad.gif Emoticon

Monday 31 March 2003 2:34:20 pm


just do new installation of version 3 with demo site and the rest in a standard-configuration and don't mix it up with version 2 stuff that's something completely different.
then it will be possible to figure out what the problem is.

Monday 31 March 2003 2:52:10 pm

but i try install v2 becouse i been to tired install 3

maybe i must put this line on apache conf?

<Virtualhost <you_ip_address>>
<Directory <httproot>/ezpublish-xxx/>
Options FollowSymLinks Indexes ExecCGI
AllowOverride None

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule !\\.(gif|css|jpg|png|js)$ <httproot>/ezpublish-xxx/index.php

ServerAdmin root@localhost
DocumentRoot <httproot>/ezpublish-xxx/
ServerName <you_ip_address>

But i dont have permission to conf of apache becouse this is virtual account of ISP

Maybe my ISP not allow htacces or somethin?

i'll try again and put here url to setup


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