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Problem with online editor installation on 3.6.1

Problem with online editor installation on 3.6.1

Friday 07 September 2007 4:16:48 pm - 2 replies


I need to install the online editor on an ezpublish 3.6.1.

So I just copied the ezdhtml folder into /extension and I have activated it into the backoffice.

The problem is that now, when I try to edit an object who contains an xml block attribute, the input area is not shown.

Nothing is shown, just the title of the attribute.

I've downloaded the last version of the OE... did someone know the reason of this problem ?

Friday 07 September 2007 4:39:04 pm

It might be that latest versions of OE doesn't work with 3.6 anymore.

You could try OE 4.1.5 or 4.1.3, available here :


Friday 07 September 2007 5:14:59 pm

Yes you're right, it's OK with the 4.1.3 version !

thanks a lot blunk.gif Emoticon


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