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Problems installing ezPublish on a webserver

Problems installing ezPublish on a webserver

Monday 15 June 2009 1:10:11 pm - 4 replies


I've been trying to upload my local installation of ezPublish 4.0.3 to a webserver (GoDaddy).

After many tries I found this article that says that I have to make a fresh installation first.

So, I uploaded again a fresh ezPublish 4.0.3, but can't get to installation wizard. When go to my website address (ex:, it show's me an ezPublish error message:

"Error kernel (1)
Access denied
You do not have permission to access this area.
Possible reasons for this are:
* Your current user does not have the proper privileges to access this page.
* You misspelled some parts of your URL, try changing it."

Is there any other way to access the installation wizard?

I also didn't install ezComponents, because I don't know how to do that. I don't have full access to the server, so I can't download it using the pear installer. I'll have to download the Archives and upload them to my ezPublish site directory. My question is, can I install ezComponents this way? Will there be any performance problems if do so?

Monday 15 June 2009 4:05:49 pm

Hmm, with fresh installation you shouldn't have such message at all. It seems for me that you overwritten fresh files on the files you previously uploaded. Also, check if the htaccess file has right input.

Did you manually delete all cache files from var folder? (all of them completely, search for all cache folders: var/cache and var/ezwebin_site/cache).

Anyway, moving eZ Publish to another server shouldn't be a problem at all, it's about modifying ini files and clearing cache manually... hmm. Try again with moving all the files from your localhost, and then find site.ini.append in each folders of siteaccesses and modify site data (host, database access, etc). Be careful not to make extra spaces in INI files (use "shift+enter" instead of "enter" to get to another line (make space), don't save it in different encoding).

Try again and tell us what errors appear.

Modified on Monday 15 June 2009 4:09:03 pm by Noicokuna Niemoge

Tuesday 16 June 2009 10:04:32 am

As stated above, installation to a new server via file copy and db import should not be too hard.

Some tips:

- put ezcomponents in lib/ezc instead of using the version that is installed via pear, even on your dev machine. This makes it easier to later move the self-contained installation to a different server. If taht is not the case now you can eg. download the version of eZP that comes with ezc inside and copy the lib/ezc dir into your existing installation.

- you will (of course) need to alter the config. for db access in an override of site.ini

- remember to carry over var/storage and var/mysiteaccess/storage

- you can clear all cache and log files manually (or omit importing them)

- take care about siteaccess: what rules do you use to determine siteaccess: is it hostname or url - based? If it is hostname based, chances are you will not be using the correct siteaccess when using the hostname of the new server, and as such you will be missing login permissions in the roles-and-perms admin interface. You will need to fix your site.ini in override, again

- last but not least, look at var/log dir on the new server, and make sure there are no error messages about not being able to write cache files because of filesystem permissions

Tuesday 16 June 2009 5:08:48 pm

It seems to me you may have problem with file/directory permissions. Have a look in apache and php error log. Hopefully you have access to them..

Wednesday 17 June 2009 11:47:14 am

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for your help. Sorry, for answering late, but i'm on a trip and don't have internet access all the time.

I deleted all the site i uploaded before, and then uploaded the fresh installation again (with the webserver clean). But still got the same error.

- Gaetano, what are the alterations I'll have to make on the config. for db access in the override of site.ini? I only have to do that alterations if I install ezc in the lib/ezc, isn't it?

- I checked the var/log dir on the new server and there are no error messages.

- I didn't create rules for the siteaccess yet. As I'm doing a fresh install. But on my local installation it is URL.


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