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Problems updtate ezpublish 3.3-5 to 3.4.0

Problems updtate ezpublish 3.3-5 to 3.4.0

Monday 07 June 2004 7:48:01 pm - 2 replies

1)I've overwrite old files with the new installation;
2)I've updated the db (hey there is an error on the comments of the query blunk.gif Emoticon )
3)I've run the scripts and cleared the cache;
4)The admin panel work fine;

But the home page is white.
How can update the ini files? I think that the problem in that files

Modified on Monday 07 June 2004 8:22:33 pm by Fabrizio Barachino

Friday 11 June 2004 3:53:13 pm

A white page ? so source is empty ?

You could possible blame apache2( if you don't use apache 1.3 that is...) or your php accelerator if you are using one.

Try restarting apache. (If your php accelerator stores cache files on disk (like php_accelerator), you have to delete those files as well before starting apache again)
php_accelerator is known to be confused if a change is done in the source of a superclasses.

Best regards,

Friday 11 June 2004 5:20:57 pm

> A white page ? so source is empty ?

I don't know. I've reinstalled everything and now it works.

Thank you for you answer.
Best regards.

Modified on Friday 11 June 2004 5:23:39 pm by Fabrizio Barachino


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