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RC2 Search always returns Searchstring not found

RC2 Search always returns Searchstring not found

Wednesday 12 February 2003 2:17:20 am - 1 reply

Does someone has a quick workaround. I cann't find any errors in the debug mode.


Thursday 13 February 2003 2:41:39 pm

In both RC1 and RC2 simple search works half way for me: when you search by single word it's ok. But when you search by two or more words it finds the items correctly, displays their names but do not build URLs to them correctly!

Namely, it does not contain main_node_id because $search_result is not an ezcontentobject but an array.

Which is really sad, if you try to get [0] element from this array it contains correct contentobject_id. You can add this id to e.g. //content/edit/ prefix and URL will lead you to correct place. But there is no way to VIEW by contentobject_id! Only by node_id. Or am I wrong and does anybody knows how to view by this id?


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