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Redhat Enterprise 3 and PHP 4.4

Redhat Enterprise 3 and PHP 4.4

Tuesday 10 July 2007 9:20:08 am - 1 reply


were currently using EZ 3.6.11 on a RH3ES installation. RH3 comes with PHP 4.3 and there are no version PHP4.4 available from RedHat. If we change to a newer version of RH, then it would be PHP5.

I will offcourse prefer to use the standard versions from Redhat, because they have been tested and we are automatically getting updates from RH.

Since EZ3.6 is not supported anymore, we have to update to the newest EZ version and then also change to PHP4.4.

What i want to know if anyone have made the upgrade of PHP on a RH3 server and if they could describe what they did. Did you compile PHP, use RPM files (which one), uninstalled PHP before the new version. We are using MySQL with EZ.


PS. Is there any date for when EZ will support PHP5?

Tuesday 10 July 2007 4:42:28 pm

Hi, Tonny

I updated my PHP downloading the source code ( and compiled with "./configure" command and customized directives ( |

Greetings and good luck



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