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Removing item creates infinite loop

Removing item creates infinite loop

Wednesday 01 December 2010 3:44:11 pm - 7 replies


I'm trying to remove a contentitem, but after a while get the dreaded response:

"Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /path_to_site/lib/ezfile/classes/ezdir.php on line 124
Fatal error: eZ Publish did not finish its request"

When looking in the errorlog I've got a lot of entries saying that certain image-files can't be found for moving, in the form of:

"[ Dec 01 2010 14:30:50 ] [] eZFileHandler::move:
Cannot rename file var/yoursite/storage/images/path_to_image/trashed/trashed/trashed/a35c7fdc5bcfa3a40a24af3be622e84b.gif, it does not exist"

Note the multiple 'trashed' directories. When I look at the imagefolder with my FTP client I'm seeing multiple nested 'trashed' folders, created when removing the contentitem. In one of the folders it's nested 8 levels deep! That doesn't seem like it's working correctly. And more importantly: I can't remove the contentitem. Any help would be appreciated.



Wednesday 01 December 2010 8:45:20 pm

Hi Vivienne,

Can you check a previously reported issue and see if this matches your problem? See

Regards, Robin

Thursday 02 December 2010 10:27:11 am

Hi Robin,

It sounds like the same problem, only I'm not using ezdbfile (as far as I know) and the tables ezdbfile and ezdbfile_data are not present in my database. Instead of creating infinite 'trashed' entries in the database, it creates (apparently) infinte 'trashed' directories on the filesystem.

Kind regards,


NB. I'm using:
Apache: 2.2.16;
PHP: 5.2.14;
MySQL 5.1.5;
EZP 4.4.0.

Thursday 02 December 2010 11:02:46 am


Are you using the eZ Webin or eZ Flow interface? And no other specific setup with regards to eZ? As in eZ Find, Clustering or anything?

Regards RobinĀ 

Monday 06 December 2010 3:18:17 pm

Hi Robin,

Ezwebin is checked as extension, but as far as I know little to none of the functionality is being used. Other than that I'm using the default EZP package. I didn't have this problem before upgrading to 4.4, does that help?

Kind regards,


Thursday 09 December 2010 8:22:02 pm

Hi Vivienne,

If you say you did not have this problem before upgrading to eZ 4.4, I'd say it sounds like a bug. My suggestion would be to submit it to the tracker (

I've not seen this before on the forum, or tracker, so can't provide you with a solution I'm afraid. I'll ping eZ Engineering, aks if they have seen this before and have a patch for it.

Regards Robin

Tuesday 14 December 2010 11:33:41 am

Hi Robin,

Thanks, I'll submit it to the tracker. Hopefully a fix can be made.

Kind regards,


Friday 17 December 2010 9:50:42 am

Note ; also reported here


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