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Search function not working on new site (3.4)

Search function not working on new site (3.4)

Thursday 17 June 2004 3:31:56 am - 4 replies

I have a functioning EZ 3.4 site, but the search function does not work in either the user of admin interfaces (ie it returns no results on terms I know are in the site).

I have checked the content of the mysql database - new content I have added has not been indexed in the "ezsearch_word" or "ezsearch_object_word_link" tables.

I have sites working on another server ... search works fine.

Has anyone struck this problem? Any ideas on a fix? Something I've missed?

- Paul

Thursday 17 June 2004 9:26:55 am

Have you remembered to check the "Searchable" box for the attributes that should be indexed (from within class editing)?

Try this: turn on SQL debug output and redirection debug. Try to edit an object, then publish it. Look at the debug dump: does it at all attempt to insert something into the ezsearch tables?


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Thursday 17 June 2004 7:49:20 pm

be sure that you are testing with whole words. Partial words do not return results.

Friday 18 June 2004 1:32:53 am

Thanks for your thoughts and feedback guys.

I have it mostly solved now, though I need to re-index the site and because I only have cpanel access to the hosting, there seems no easy way to execute the reindex command (as described in documentation at

I note that someone has suggested on that page that this function could be usefully added to the admin section. Does that mean I can run it directly anyway? I tried plugging it into browser address line, but got error. (ie

Thanks again

- Paul

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Friday 18 June 2004 1:44:30 am

For anyone else who strikes the problem I did, here's some diagnostic notes and a description of what I think I did(!)

- Pretty raw corporate install of EZP 3.4 with a few instances of (existing) objects added.

- Search not returning any results in admin or user site

- Using PhpMyAdmin, examined contents of "ezsearch_word" or "ezsearch_object_word_link" tables. Most particularly, ezsearch_word shows list of all terms EZ thinks exist on the site. In my case there were a small number of standard items there - guest, user, accounts, admin, setup, etc - but no words from objects I'd added were present.

- Had run the check files/check database functions (Admin site - Setup, System Upgrade), with no errors being noted.

<b>Analysis / What I Did To Fix </b>

- Search terms not being added for any new objects, and standard objects, so something else wrong.

- Checked and re-uploaded search-related *.php files. This seemed to work, though not sure the direct source of the error.

- Not sure, but perhaps the file consistency check is not entirely reliable?

Hope this helps.

Modified on Friday 18 June 2004 1:46:27 am by Paul Wilson


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