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SearchViewHandling misunderstand

SearchViewHandling misunderstand

Monday 02 July 2012 2:12:25 pm - 3 replies

When I use SearchViewHandling = default, the sort and class selection changes done on template content/search don't take any effect. 

When I use SearchViewHandling = template, I know the selection is working because the number os itens selected is accordingly to the selection, but no iten is listed.

Using the second option, what view code should be changed to list the results and what changes must be done?

Modified on Monday 02 July 2012 3:06:18 pm by Virgilio Lemos

Wednesday 04 July 2012 4:31:39 am

This is a 4.2.0 version installation, using eZSearchEngine.
The content/Search tpl is being called from the folder full template where the selection filters are located.

The results are being displayed by the folder accordingly to the selected filters, but the sort parameter and the aditional class  filter put in the content/Search is not working.

Modified on Wednesday 04 July 2012 2:26:23 pm by Virgilio Lemos

Friday 06 July 2012 11:26:22 pm

Could Anybody help-me with this question?

Tuesday 10 July 2012 12:16:55 pm

Hi Virgilio, 

Could you share the template code that is used for the search (the part where the content/search fetch function is called) ?



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