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Selecting a diferent language as user

Selecting a diferent language as user

Thursday 27 March 2003 7:08:27 am - 5 replies

I have had made post this questions before, but it was in beta versions, so...
Can anyone help me to create a link to select the site language. I tested a lot of addresses, like /content/view/full/xxx?Language=eng-GB , /content/view/full/XXX/eng-GB, and i doesn't work. I don't know if addresses are right but need to change something in config or use another address.

Thanks in advance

Paulo Almeida

Thursday 27 March 2003 10:05:28 am

Using /content/view/full/XXX/eng-GB is only meant to change the viewed language of a content object.

Changing the site language per user is not supported yet, as it is now it is always read from site.ini. A user should be able to set a preffered language for the site and also the possibility to change language by url could be interesting. I'll see if this can be added as a feature in upcoming releases.

Thursday 27 March 2003 10:45:43 am

So in this situation i don't understand the idea behind the internalisation / language concept ? Should we create different site's for each language and navigate the user to there when he want's to select the language ?

@Jan: for my current project i have an additional need. a user should be able to select his prefered language in which the site should appear and also enable additional languages in which he well see content which is not available in the main language blunk.gif Emoticon.
Up to now i have found no system on the market with this feature.

regards Zeno

Thursday 27 March 2003 11:04:44 am

So the only way to do this is create virtualhosts for all languages, configure the site.ini.php with hostmatchmap and change the locale settings for all VH.

Is there another way?
Will exist onother options/way to do this?

Sorry all that questions, and thanks

Paulo Almeida

Thursday 27 March 2003 11:30:20 am

You should create one siteaccess per language and one for the main site. I would also suggest using url based siteaccess matching, that way you can easily add new languages without specifying new hosts.

If you use two hosts one for admin and one for user you can use specify this in site.ini:




That way it will first try host matching and match the admin, if admin is not matched it will try url based using DefaultAccess if none is specified.
Then create one siteaccess per language for instance sp (spanish) and fr (french), you will then get url's like this:
/sp/content/view/full/2 and /fr/content/view/full/2.
It can also be a good idea to use a different siteaccess for the default site to avoid urls like /user/content/view/full/2.

Thursday 27 March 2003 2:22:33 pm

Well, first part os hostmap i understud (was what i posted before), but your idea of /en, /sp, /pt, etc sound very interesting, but i can't understand that (i never understud URIMatch sad.gif Emoticon ). Can you give an example of that?


Paulo Almeida


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