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Setting up clustering kills my admin siteaccess

Setting up clustering kills my admin siteaccess

Friday 17 August 2012 9:39:07 am - 2 replies


I trying to setup clustering using "eZDBFileHandler" handler and I followed this guide on setting up clustering (

My main public site access seems to be working fine but my admin siteaccess doesn't seem to have any templates and none of my content is listed etc.

Any tips or ideas on what might have gone wrong?

I'm using "MatchOrder=host" for accessing each siteaccess.

I only ran the clusterize import (php bin/php/clusterize.php -s main_site) for the public siteaccess, not the admin siteaccess....Do I need to run it for both.

I recompiled the template cache for both siteaccess though (php bin/php/eztc.php -s main_admin_site)

Thanks in advance!


Friday 17 August 2012 9:54:33 am

HI.  A few notes:


Did you set the new filehandler in overide/file.ini or in your frontend siteaccess?  Essentially, this needs to be set for all siteaccess that use the same 'var' directory. so if you only set it in the siteaccess, then you need to put thye same file.ini.apped.php into your admin siteaccess


Well, clusterize.php imports the data form your var directory to the database - and the var directory is shared, so I dont see why it would e needed a second time.


Monday 20 August 2012 5:44:25 am

Hey David,

Yes, I set the 'filehandler' setting in the override/file.ini so it should be set for all siteaccess.




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