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Wednesday 09 November 2011 1:52:38 am - 2 replies


i am a new user here. I am confused with running commands & cronjobs. I am using wampserver and have my ez publish website installed locally on windows7.

I know that i can run those commands in putty. But i dont really undstand this, do i really need putty? Then how do i connect it to my website? I did read about putty but still not sure if i do need it with wamp. And i think installing putty means that i need to have  linux too - not sure about this dnt even want to install linux, unless it is recommanded.

Right now i want to install ezteamroom & need to run command  "php extension/ezxmlinstaller/bin/php/xmlinstaller.php --template=teamroom/installezteamroom --siteaccess=<SITEACCESS_NAME>"

Can someone help me step by step with this shell thing, please?

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Wednesday 09 November 2011 2:51:11 am

Hello Vashra,

Welcome to the eZ Community!


I have answered your question in your second post to the site here,


Again, with Windows OS you need to use the built in 'Command Prompt' program to run eZ Publish commandline scripts, cronjobs among others.


And yes, If your using eZ Publish, your going to be doing so in a degraded capacity when doing so on windows. While many aspects are similar it is at the end of the day quite different. eZ Publish is designed to be run on the Linux platform first and foremost. You should acquire a machine with Linux and use it for your local (at home/office) eZ Publish development. Grow your experience by using the best tools available, sadly for web application software development this excludes Windows use. 

While many things are the same in practice on other platforms (after all it is the same software) it's use in windows (from all I have heard) is a much less enjoyable experience.


I would almost always recommend only ever developing with eZ Publish using Linux based computers.


Another note in closing regarding your use of the forums here on Please do not post duplicate messages in separate forum threads. It is unessisary, creates user problems and is a form of content spam which we discourage.

You didn't even wait 15min before spamming the forums here with yet another virtually identical message (worse you posted it into a very old thread barely related).

Please be considerate to others when seeking help here in the forums by not demanding answers (which you should understand yourself beforehand specifically the concepts of the commandline options of your primary OS, the difference between a website, a server and your local computer, etc all basic computing concepts with nothing to do with eZ Publish specifically) in the form of duplicate forum thread messages.




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Thursday 10 November 2011 5:39:42 pm

Hello Heath,

Thanks a lot 4 the help.

Sorry 4 duplicating, i thought it is related to putty thats y i posted on that old one. I tried a lot with cmd before posting here. Was kinda lost & desperate. Was not sure of anything that i was doing. But after ur reply i know i must get a linux machine & the details u gave were helpfull. About cmd i found that i put wrong path in environment variable, that is y i couldnt run php command! But all is done now, i finally did install ezteamroom & run all commands i needed.

Thanks once again!

Have a great day happy.gif Emoticon


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