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Sign section to folder anothe than root folder

Sign section to folder anothe than root folder

Wednesday 18 December 2002 4:58:24 am - 1 reply

I try to sign a new section to folder placed deepely inside the tree. But no results. I hadn't problem when i sign another new section, but for folder placed in the root. (WinXP eZ3 beta 5)
Did somebody meet and resolve the same problem? Share ideas, please.


Wednesday 18 December 2002 11:27:48 pm

> Got the same problem with RC_1(win2000), but it seems that
> the database is ok, and only the interface is incorrect.
> Just go to list view and pseudo edit any item.
> (Click edit ... save .. without changes!)
> Not really cool but works in my case!

Thank you, you're rigth. It does work. I tried the way one hour later than i posted my previose posting, and it seems to me eZ-cache has some tuning futures in ini files.
Thanks again happy.gif Emoticon


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