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Some thoughts about the install process

Some thoughts about the install process

Friday 23 November 2012 7:05:50 pm - 1 reply

Hi. Even i've been told that install process will be rewritten, i would like to share here some ideas. Mainly my point is that install process should be no more than an install process. Actually i think there are a mix between installation and configuration at some point which at the end, makes the install process longer.

There are also other things i would like to comment step by step


I always get the warning about the $_ENV. Really dunno that this warning should be throwed. But, what i always get and really don't see the reason for warning the user is the non existence of php-pgsql library. Imho, we wouldn't warn the user about that.  Ok, eZ Publish can work with PgSQL, but can work also with Oracle and we aren't warning the user about the non existence of pdo-oci... happy.gif Emoticon

I would leave this check to a step where user can select desired database system. if pgsql is choosen and php-pgsql is not present, then ok, show the warning or error. 

Message about the non existence of pgsql is too agresive imho... and a bit difficult to undertand (btw, probably it needs change some translation in spanish...)

Mail configuration

As said, configuration. For making the process quicker, i would probably avoid this step in the install process. And probably i would go for a dedicate ini (mail.ini or something) for that. 

Database initialization. 

With the comment about pgsql made above, ok to this. 

Language support

In difference with other projects i know, (drupal, magento and probably others), ez publish offers all language packages at install process. that's it, translation are included in the download files. This is not bad at all, but again i see, the possibility of adding as many languages as you want as a configuration option. 
What i would  is let the installer select ONLY the main language for its new installation. All additional languages should be added once installed. 

This language selection has now a undesired, imho, side-effect. no matter if you choose ezdemo, ezflow or ezwebin packages, no matter if you choose a different siteacces for your "public" site, default access of your install will be the one added by the language selection. 

I mean, if you select "public" for your siteaccess and "french" as main language, default access will be "fre". [domain]/fre and [domain]/public will be both accesible and may lead to duplicated content. 

So, to finish with this, i would just select the main language. The creation of new languages could be done on the admin site but after finish installation. 

Just for curiosity, are your sites mainly "multilanguage" or "mono"language?

Package selection

Really don't have a strong opinion on that. But if we plan to make the process lighter, i would probably look to this too. Drupal has something called "installation profiles" but at this moment, i still haven't tested. But could be an option... 

Mapping of content to language

You know. If you select spanish as main language you will be prompted about what to do with that default content coming from the choosen package. What to do here would depend on the other decisions. But, as a first opinion, i would say that if i choose "german" as main language i'm saying "german", so, i don't want anything in English 

Access configuration

You're prompted for your preference about url, host or port. Again, I see this as a configuration option, not a install option, so, i would vote to avoid this step. Url, as the recommended option will be the default one. Developers could change once eZ Publish is installed. 

Finally, there's the public, admin url. Don't have strong on this, but i wouldn't protest if "default" ones are provided. Again, all can be changed after...

All this thing came from some observations at our company. Basically, tell newbies to install ezpublish and to install others like magento, or drupal. For the last two normally, even they also do some checks and guides in how to solution possible problems, newbies ended the project without any help. With ez publish i sometimes received the "what do i say here" question. And i think we should try to avoid this in the install process happy.gif Emoticon

Have all a good weekend.

Modified on Friday 23 November 2012 7:06:59 pm by Carlos Revillo

Tuesday 27 November 2012 11:54:36 am

Thanks for sharing your insight, Carlos.

I think you will find quite a few feature requests in Jira dealing with the setup wizard. I tried to crosslink somehow them all together in wit - not sure that those links are still visible (and most issues will have been auto-closed as well), but there is probably still a wealth of info in there.

Off the top of my head, other improvements we might want are:

- let admin choose whether users can login and/or subscribe via frontend

- more secure settings (httponly for cookies, pwd encryption using salt, lock accounts after too many failed tries, check for php security misconfigs etc)

- easier to replicate setups / run the setup wizard via command line

- in the admin interface, have a page replicating checks on lamp stack, as setup wizard is run on dev machines and not on prod ones (ggsysinfo extension already has this btw)

- better settings: current wizard spreads some in siteaccesses some which should be in override, writes some wrong/useless ones as well


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