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SQL error : duplicate entry

SQL error : duplicate entry

Monday 10 March 2008 3:35:43 pm - 3 replies

I installed eZ Publish 4 and I created some folders and articles.

When I try save one of the folders after editing it, an error occur :

Error: eZMySQLiDB Mar 10 2008 15:24:29

Query error: Duplicate entry '38-1449fa4b0d185fbb324f27d716f04d18' for key 1. Query: UPDATE ezurlalias_ml SET parent = 38
WHERE parent = 36

The other nodes can be edited.

Could someone give me a clue about this ?

Wednesday 19 March 2008 2:25:27 pm

This is actually a bug so I filled a bug report :

Thursday 11 September 2014 5:27:41 pm


About that duplicate entry bug, I am planning to truncate ezurlalias_ml table and execute updateniceurls.php script, on a production server, while users are editing. This script might take a while, actual ezurlalias_ml table contains 345 000 lines.

What can be the bad consequences?

Should I execute this script at night?


Best regards,


Wednesday 01 October 2014 8:49:57 am

The reply has been removed because of violation of forum rules.


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