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Strange behavior from the wizard installer

Strange behavior from the wizard installer

Thursday 20 December 2012 4:51:29 pm - 4 replies


I have read and I do not found this problem with the latest version. I am trying to install 2012.11 full package. I have apache 2.4.3, php 5.4.9 and mysql 5.5.28 on a 64-bits linux with ubuntu 12.10.

I download the full package and uncompress it to the <document_root>/ezpublish folder in my apache document root. Afterwards, I create the links of the assets and I access to http://localhost:8080/ezpublish/web/index.php/ezsetup and I can see the wizard welcome page. But, each time I press NEXT, it goes back, like in a loop.

Besides, if I access to http://localhost:8080/ezpublish/ezpublish_legacy/ I also get the wizard installer! And from this location it works fine. Is that ok? It seems really weird to me. I would like to configure everything by hand and avoid this wizard. Could you help me, please?

I am so sorry to bother you from there, but the documentation seems to be mixed with new and old things and I really want to install the latest version.

Also, I have check the requirements of symfony 2 with check.php (an appart installation, nothing to do with ezpublish but in the same server) and it gives me OK for everything.

Thank you very much in advanced. Regards.

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Thursday 20 December 2012 5:37:17 pm

Hi Matt and welcome to the community !

Please have a look on the installation procedure, here :


Make sure to follow the Virtual Host based installation procedure in the latter to initiate the setup wizard.



Thursday 20 December 2012 5:49:42 pm

Thank you for your quick response. This configuration seems a little bit different from the things that I have tested (also based in virtualhosts). I am going to trying right now.

What about omitting the wizard and set up the configuration by hand? Is there any chance to do so?

Thank you very much again.

Thursday 20 December 2012 6:02:20 pm

To my mind, it's impossible. During the wizard, there are several steps, especially the database installation and the import of the design and the content .

Thursday 20 December 2012 7:21:23 pm

Thank you!! This configuration works great! Thank you very much.

But, it does not allow me to serve it under a non root web folder instead of a different hostname or port. Would you point me to a working .htaccess example that do the same and let me serve ezPublish under an alias?

Thank you in advance! Regards.

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