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Struggling with install process - still not working

Struggling with install process - still not working

Tuesday 18 February 2014 10:37:40 pm - 1 reply


I'm trying to evaluate the ez publish platform as it does look really good! however, I have been plagued with issues. I hope this is all just me! but here are my issues:

  • I need to use firebug to change the URL in the ezsetup - I just don't see why this is the case
  • It does not use composer to check for dependencies - I had to manually add some php modules - not sure which one fixed it, but it would be nice if there was more error checking
  • Composer install seemed happy, but then I get 'Class 'eZPage' not found in ezpublish_legacy/extension/ezflow/datatypes/ezpage/ezpagetype.php on line 90' - during ezsetup
  • manual install resulted in some recursive problems so ran out of memory

I really want to give this a try and possibly end up using it in work but at the minute, it's a no go.

I think I've been using the right instructions:

Composer install does suit me, but I'm not precious.

As I said, I do hope this is just me doing something / not doing something. If anyone has any thoughts on my issues (vague...) I would appreciate this, and if anyone could try the install using composer just to see if anyone else gets it, that would be greatly appreciated too!

I may be coming accross very negative but I do have hope for this CMS to be great for me.


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Wednesday 19 February 2014 12:36:31 am

1. the "use firebug to allow setup wizard to work" trick I thought was not needed anymore. It is interesting to see that it still is. Can you post (maybe send us by mail) your whole config (apache+php) to try to reproduce it?

2. which veresions of ez / apache / php are you using?

3. are you trying to install ez using composer (from git sources) or from a packaged CP version?

As background info: we are moving towards a fully composer.based setup process, which would remote completely the need for "builds". But it is not something which can happen overnight. Any collaboration on that is welcome

ps: whne looking at install instructions / requirements on confluence, use the ones for a specific version, not the ones for "ezp-next"

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