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Templates, fetch and sorting

Templates, fetch and sorting

Tuesday 14 January 2003 8:28:34 am

Having a need to sort the contents of a fetch I did some digging and have found some information in regards to the "sort_by" parameter of the fetch(content,tree,hash(parameters)) template function (and probally fetch(content,list,hash(parameters)) as well)

sort_by takes (multiple groups - I haven't tried this but the code looks like it will) of 2 parameters

sort field - the field to sort by. Valid options are

true = ascending
false = desending



Will return all nodes under node 29 ordered from the first published to the last published.

If you do not have 2 parameters the sort will default to "path ascending"

I have also patched the system (3 additional lines) to enable to sort by object name. (See )

Hope this helps someone.

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