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timed out / old sessions

timed out / old sessions

Friday 12 May 2006 9:52:26 am - 8 replies


How to use cronjob to remove timed out / old sessions?

Best regards,

Monday 15 May 2006 8:31:14 am

Hi Sinisa,

There is no cronjob script for this in eZ publish. You can control Session settings in the site.ini file. You can of course write small CLI script, basically you need to include
lib/ezutils/classes/ezsession.php then use eZSessionGarbageCollector().

Monday 30 April 2007 10:53:05 am

This should be included within the standard cronjobs.

Monday 30 April 2007 2:26:03 pm

We just published the cronjob extension as a contribution:

Monday 07 May 2007 12:47:41 pm

Thanks for that source, ez Publish is really great code product, and those extra adds for it too.

Thursday 18 September 2008 5:54:51 am

I wonder... why wouldn't eZ Publish clean the expired sessions by default (or why isn't there a cronjob like Norman's available out of the box)?


Thursday 18 September 2008 9:54:25 am

There is an issue with PHP session cleanup on Debian/Ubuntu machines, otherwise cleanup is working fine without extra cronjob script.

Thursday 18 September 2008 10:24:56 am

Oh, I think I've heard of that somewhere, but... do you know where I could find some details?

Thursday 18 September 2008 11:44:39 am

Try here:


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