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Timeout error in Post-installation

Timeout error in Post-installation

Friday 13 June 2003 9:31:42 pm - 1 reply

Hi, Everything was good in the installation until I got to the Post installation where I got the timeout error.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /d01/apps/apache/2.0/htdocs/ezpublish-3.0-2/lib/eztemplate/classes/eztemplate.php on line 1355
Fatal error: eZ publish did not finish it's request

The execution of eZ publish was abruptly ended, the debug output is present below.

I have searched everywhere in the forum for the error but did not find anything. There was some similar error relating to timeout, so I changed my timeout and memory in php.ini However, I still have the identical problem.

My environment:
RH 7.2, v2.4.9
Apache 2.0.45
PHP 4.3.1
mySQL 3.23.56
ezPublisher 3.0

Thanks a lot...

Monday 16 June 2003 9:14:27 pm

Hello Chan and everyone,

this is exactly what happened to me, too.
I did not get an error message but just a 500-standard page.
As my provider (puretec) did not inform me en detail, this is what I know:
PHP 4.x
mySQL 3.x
ezPublish 3.0.2

hm... maybe I try manual installation next..


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