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Two different users that should register in the site

Two different users that should register in the site

Thursday 29 April 2010 4:49:01 am - 2 replies



I have two different users that should register in the site (with two usergroups: productmember, and needmember)


How can I achieve that to links go to separate register forms, and once registered then each one of the will be part of its corresponding usergroup


The url for registering a new user is


So, is there some way I could do something like




and of course making two user classes for each usergroups, each one of the with its corresponding attributes


I am lost hereā€¦


Any Ideas,


Thursday 29 April 2010 8:15:51 am

You can use a this extension:

Create your own registration form and hide the selection. To select the right usergroup you can pass a view parameter to your form like user/register/(type)/needmember

Thursday 29 April 2010 11:04:50 am


This feature does not exist by default on ez, so I think the most simple and clean, will:

1 - Override the user module (override only the register view, with create a module and a view with the same name, ie user and register, in an extension). also adjusts the view definition so that it takes as a parameter the desired location.

2 - Override the template user/register.tpl, to be able to sent in hidden input the location of new user.

3 - On line 118, of the file view register (register.php); you replace:

$DefaultUserPlacement = (int) $ ini-> variable ("UserSettings", "DefaultUserPlacement");


// assume that the location is sent by  post from the registration form
$DefaultUserPlacement = (int) $ http->getVariable('location');



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