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Two eZ publish on the same server...????

Two eZ publish on the same server...????

Friday 18 February 2005 10:23:34 am - 2 replies

There are now 2 of us that's using this program on the same server. But that have caused some problems. Because when I try to start the program for the fort time, im suppose to come directly to the install-modus. Well, that is not happening. Im getting the otherone's website up... Can't access my install-modus...

What's wrong??

Friday 18 February 2005 10:41:46 am

You should use virtual hosts. Use at least one virtualhost for each install.
Consult the documentation about virtual hosts...

We have live servers running 5 or more ezpublish-based portals simultaneously.

Friday 18 February 2005 11:29:07 am

Hm, this is the error-message I get when I type in my URL. I don't use the server at, so why does this come up...?

You don't have permission to access / on this server.


Apache/1.3.31 Server at Port 80


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