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Unable to upload images

Unable to upload images

Friday 28 March 2003 8:08:44 am - 7 replies

Hey all!

I've installed the 3.0.1 with the OE, and it's simply great, excelent,..

Except for one problem:

It's not possible to upload images!

When I try to upload "into" related objects, I get a link with an object id, but no image thumbnail. Same story when I try to uload into the whitebox....

(I use nor-NO)

Greetings from Felix

Friday 28 March 2003 8:21:33 am


Have you added this image file type to your Apache rewrite rule ?

"RewriteRule !\\.(gif|css|jpg|png)$"

Friday 28 March 2003 8:34:49 am

Thanx for the quick response!

Again, yes I have..

The strange thing is, that when using the rc2 I had a similar problem. When I changed the locale-settings to nor-NO, the images in the whitebox (demo) disapeared.. but I could then upload images which where shown..

Hope this was understandable!

happy.gif Emoticon Felix

Friday 28 March 2003 11:45:48 am


I have the same problem, I already posted a few posts before.
There seems to be no solution yet, but:

Which operation system do you use?

Which version of php?


Friday 28 March 2003 1:24:41 pm


RedHat 7.3, PHP 4.1.2


Friday 28 March 2003 2:13:44 pm

I'm have the same problem and I just noticed that the code generated to show the images on the page is missing data:

<a href="/demo/content/view/slideshow/83/offset/0">
<img src= width="" height="" border="0" alt="" />

Saturday 29 March 2003 2:13:12 pm

I forgot to mention that I'm not able to upload other files (e.g documents) either..

Sunday 30 March 2003 9:53:42 pm

I had to specify the full path to convert in settings/override/image.ini.append.php and it started working.


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