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"Unexpected error has occured" when trying to add language

"Unexpected error has occured" when trying to add language

Thursday 04 June 2009 8:30:09 am - 1 reply


What steps should I go through to add new language, in my case English? I added to regional settings the locale eng-GB... this language is already present in Settings -> languages. Ii appeared in language selection menu in the frontend, but when I click on link, it displays "module cannot be found".

Also I don't know why when I change these settings in SiteLanguageList, the different INI edit template appears (not admin template but a completely different one, the frontend template).

Maybe it's a bug? Or a failure somewhere? Maybe INI file got corrupted? How can I check that?

I see the language in the system, I even added a translation. But in the frontend I only get an error "Module cannot be found".


I have added eng siteacces.
I have added eng-GB to translation lists wherever applicable.
I have even created eng-GB folders and put there untranslated translation files.

WHAT did I miss? I'm starting to lose patience.
Not to mention now admin panel is half-English, half-Polish. LOL????


Modified on Thursday 04 June 2009 2:05:44 pm by Noicokuna Niemoge

Thursday 04 June 2009 3:06:32 pm

How is your language (site.ini) settings for the front end where this does not work?
Especially ContentObjectLocale, Locale and SiteLanguageList[].

(Remember that fronted is one language pr siteaccess centered, not muliti language in same site access like admin is.)


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