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Upgrade eZ Publish 4.3 to latest version

Upgrade eZ Publish 4.3 to latest version

Thursday 27 October 2011 2:55:00 pm - 28 replies



Is there any guide on how to upgrade 4.3 to the latest eZ Publish Community Project 2011.9?




Thursday 27 October 2011 3:19:55 pm

Hello Dawid,

Welcome to the eZ Community!


You should follow the following releases upgrade path and their associated upgrade guides.


4.3 -> 4.4 upgrade


4.4 -> 04.2011

04.2011 -> 2011.05


2011.05 -> 2011.06


2011.06 -> 2011.07


2011.07 -> 2011.08


2011.08 -> 2011.09


2011.09 -> 2011.10


Edit: Added links to the 2011.10 version (it was released today!)


I hope this helps ...




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Thursday 27 October 2011 3:27:26 pm

That's the way Heath, i was to reply the same happy.gif Emoticon

Cheers to both, and welcome aboard Dawid !

Thursday 27 October 2011 3:51:06 pm

Thank you guys, really appreciated.

Thursday 27 October 2011 9:10:56 pm

I think that in this scenario we can skip some of this steps. For example upgrade from  2011.05 to 2011.06,  2011.06 to 2011.07 and  2011.07 to 2011.08 do nothing. This only changes kernel so I think that this step is not necessary. Especially when we do upgrade to version 2011.9 at the end of this process.
What do you think?

Thursday 27 October 2011 9:44:16 pm

I think that in this scenario we can skip some of this steps. For example upgrade from  2011.05 to 2011.06,  2011.06 to 2011.07 and  2011.07 to 2011.08 do nothing. This only changes kernel so I think that this step is not necessary. Especially when we do upgrade to version 2011.9 at the end of this process.
What do you think?

Hi Radek, 

Every time only code-base changes are required (in other words : no DD schema modification or upgrade script to be run), we can safely skip the step to the next version.


Thursday 27 October 2011 10:06:20 pm

Hello Nicolas,


That is a great idea! Thank you for sharing!


This is something I will remember for the future.

"If the upgrade is code only (no sql or scripts required) then skip to the next version"




Friday 28 October 2011 8:36:45 am

Nicolas, thanks happy.gif Emoticon

So, upgrade from 4.3 to 2011.9 should contains only two seps:

1. Upgrade form 4.3 to 4.6 (2011.7)

2. Upgrade form 2011.7 to 2011.9

And one big point - from 4.2011 to 2011.5- there is on extra tabel so don't forget to create it happy.gif Emoticon

btw, there is 2011.10 avaiable happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 02 July 2012 5:37:19 am

Upgrading via Packages from 4.4 to 4.6 (2011.10???) or to 4.7 (2012.X???) may be an option?

Is there a better explained tutorial for upgrading (the official upgrade tutorial here:

Looks incomplete to me, it does not state clear if I should rewrite files or make a new directory, and if the folders stated is all there is to be moved form example... Does not make me fell confident its an error free upgrade, looks like lots of possibilities to have problems in the way...


Anybody please advice. Thank you.

Wednesday 29 August 2012 9:07:57 pm

No one? Im stuck in the process... Is it a new install over the other or in a new directory?

Wednesday 29 August 2012 10:05:08 pm

Take a look at

This might help.

Edit: changed link to github repo.

Modified on Tuesday 05 February 2013 8:24:42 pm by Steven E Bailey

Thursday 30 August 2012 9:20:31 am

Sorry, that was a bit of an answer to a question that you weren't asking.  This is maybe more an answer to what you were asking:

Before you do anything, check on the backend if any files have changed... if you have custom kernel changes then you will have to migrate them to the new site.  Also, don't do this on a production machine - do it on a test machine first.

What I do is start fresh - move your  old site out of the way and create a directory with the new basic ez install.  Then copy your override and siteaccess directories to the settings folder.  Copy any custom designs to the design directory (if appropriate) and custom extensions (if appropriate) to the new extension directory.

For ez bundled extensions (ezfind, ezjscore etc.), your best bet is to go with the new bundled extension - but - make sure you copy any changed settings from these directories to the new one.

Extensions like ezwebin and ezflow have their own upgrade instructions.

Copy, or move, your var/<VarDir> to the new installation.  Copy them all if you have multiple.

Do a generate autoloads  - or copy the files from autoload , var/autoload to the new installation.

Then you can follow the upgrade instructions.


Thursday 06 September 2012 7:00:29 pm

Steven, Thanks for your answer...

I will give it a try this way... I have lots of overrides all over... (one of the not confortable ez publish things for me).


For ezfLow, ezFind upgrades... are this done after or before moving files?

In the database, do I have to make any changes?

Thursday 06 September 2012 8:32:21 pm

I normally do the upgrade and make sure the site works (you get a connection and get content back) and then worry about the extensions.  eZFind will probably be easy since it's just making sure the settings match - actually you better not just copy the settings over - depending on the version differences there may be more settings added which would be lost if you just replaced the new settings files with the old ones.  You may also have to add additional sql from the extensions - I know ezfind added the ezfind_elevate_configuration table at some point.  The best bet is to follow whatever upgrade instructions are appropriate for the extensions.

The core database changes will be done when following the instructions Heath posted or with the convert script I provided (which you should only actually use if you understand what it does) - there is also an extension but it looks like the upgrades stop at 4.4.

Wednesday 05 June 2013 11:06:13 pm

Hi eZ folks,

I'm currently considering upgrading from eZ Publish 4.4 to eZ Publish Community Project 2013.5, but I'm a little lost in the version naming. I see that I could jump to the version 4.7, but there's not such version number in the eZ Publish Community Project downloads page. Would it be the version 2012.2?

And after that, I guess I should change the major version to 5.0, but again I'm not sure about the corresponding community project version. Is it 2012.9?

I guess the final step would be to upgrade to 2013.5, am I right?

Thanks for your answers!

EDIT: Now I'm confused.

I found two Community Project versions making reference to the 4.7. The 2012.4 version sets the eZ Publish version to "4.7.0rc1", while the 2012.3 version sets it to "4.7.0beta1". I guess I would have taken the most recent, but I also noted that there was some database changes between both versions. Should I install the code of both (and every single version after that), or may I just run the upgrade procedure of each minor version until I get to the one I want (i.e 2013.05)?

Modified on Thursday 06 June 2013 6:02:39 am by Hypolite Petovan

Thursday 06 June 2013 9:29:54 am

2012.4 is the closest to 4.7.

Do all the db changes for all the community versions - the worst that can happen is you get an error message that something already exists while not doing it can have dire consequences.

Thursday 06 June 2013 10:02:31 am

Thanks for the reply on the version number, but I'm not completely in the clear yet.

For me, the upgrade steps look like:

  • Dowload and and copy the latest code version
  • Follow the Installation procedure of that version, except for the initial setup (db and wizard, or should I?)
  • Copy var and custom extensions in ezpublish_legacy, setting up the database link to the existing database
  • Follow upgrade procedure of each and every version between 4.4 and latest
  • Pray at each step the Norwegian gods

I don't see myself downloading and installing the code of every version along the way, but maybe there's some milestones I should install anyway for safety reasons? Like the last legacy eZ Publish version before the first community project edition, the last 4.x edition before the first 5.0, etc...

Thank you for your help

Edit: Formatting

Modified on Thursday 06 June 2013 5:30:45 pm by Hypolite Petovan

Thursday 06 June 2013 10:14:44 am

You can probably go to 4.5 and then do the rest of the db changes up until 2012.4 using the 2012.4 installation. 2012.5 is the first ez5 community with the ezpublish_legacy.

Take a look at:

This will really help you get to 2012.4 or 2012.9.

After that... dunno, I haven't taken that leap yet.  Maybe it's time I moved the script into this year.

Also, take a look at - looks like that was updated to 5.

Edit: for clarity.

Modified on Thursday 06 June 2013 10:22:22 am by Steven E Bailey

Thursday 06 June 2013 5:33:25 pm

Thanks for the hint on ezupgrade, I didn't know that such a tool existed. If it works, it could bring up my current install to 5.0, and I can continue from there.

EDIT: Actually, as stated by its maintainer on the ezupgrade eZ Projects forum, ezupgrade only works for the Enterprise version, nothing to do here for me.

Next I'll try the convert script you gave me on the latest code.

Modified on Friday 07 June 2013 6:09:14 pm by Hypolite Petovan

Thursday 13 June 2013 9:06:57 pm

Tried the script (it has to be placed in ezpublish_legacy folder), worked well to upgrade the database and running upgrade scripts (so far), but it's worth noting that I still had to run the eZ Publish/Symfony console command to convert my legacy site.ini into the shiny new ezpublish.yml located in ezpublish/config. I had to follow a few of the steps of the 4.7 to 5.0 migration procedure.

So far I've been able to only show the home page, the complex Site access RuleMatch settings were not translated into ezpublish.yml, it also seems that the image aliases are not created on the fly and the login system doesn't work yet. I'll probably open a few more posts about each and every problem that I encounter if I can't fix them quickly.

Thanks Steven for the tip on!

Friday 14 June 2013 4:10:29 pm

HI, you should be able to move the ezpublish_legacy folder to your web root (and delete all the symfony stuff) and, yes, run the from there (BTW I updated it to 2013.5).

It really should run stand-alone as a direct replacement (with doing all the other 4.x steps).

Alternatively, you can set the webroot of your vhost to the ezpublish_legacy directory.


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