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Upgrade Ezpublish 2.2.6

Upgrade Ezpublish 2.2.6

Wednesday 29 May 2013 11:24:33 am - 3 replies


I have a web site on Ezpublish 2.2.6

Can i upgrade to the latest version ?

there is no problem whith mysql version and php version.


source :  Ezpublish 2.2.6 Debian4 PHP 4.4.4-8+etch2 mysql  Ver 14.7 --> Target: Ezpublish v5 Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS PHP 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.6 mysql  Ver 14.14

Wednesday 29 May 2013 1:26:36 pm

2.2.6?  I think you're better off trying to export the data and rebuilding the site with that data.  I've only done one 2.x to 3.x conversion and that was 6-7 years ago and if I remember correctly the data model was too far apart and had no upgrade path from 2.x to 3.x so I ended up having to write some conversion scripts.

From 3.x it is possible to upgrade to the latest version but it's not going to be easy.  See

Thursday 30 May 2013 1:29:01 pm

thank you for answer.

I suspected that it would not be possible
Is there a method to export data and reimport?
also how to find the website design?

Friday 31 May 2013 9:27:33 am

As far as I know there is nothing out there that will export and reimport - I did custom scripts...  but, it was a long time ago.

If I remember correctly the design for 2.x was stored in the database... (not 100% sure anymore) so it would be difficult to extract.  The conversion way back whenever, we just extracted the data and built new 3.x objects with a new design.

What kind of site is this anyway?  Is it some sort of archive?  In a couple of cases in the past I've also made static sites from existing 2.x sites and linked to that content from a new site.  If it's possible - no interactive forms anywhere - then maybe that's the way to go.


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