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Upgrade from old version 2012.01 to 2014.01

Upgrade from old version 2012.01 to 2014.01

Thursday 03 April 2014 11:25:33 am - 4 replies


I need to upgrade an old ezno server to the latest version.
Do I need to do all individual upgrades from 2012.01 to 2014.01 or are there (as in the past with e.g. 4.7-5.1) instructions do combined upgrades?


Thursday 03 April 2014 11:40:40 am

Hi Mike, 

You will indeed need to take the upgrade step-wise. One given intermediary step can be safely skipped if there is no:

  • DB-level change,
  • Upgrade script to run to upgrade from version A to version B,

When these conditions are satisfied, you can upgrade form A to C directly.


Thursday 03 April 2014 1:28:07 pm

If I have to upgrade through several versions I make a text file with all the steps, in order, for the upgrade from the current version to the target. 

(First make backups!)

For each version I include a link to the eZ documentation and the commands to execute, ready to be pasted on the command line.

Then I download the target version, copy the settings, design, and var/storage in and paste the commands in one by one.

The risk?  You don't know if it will work until you've run all the commands for all the versions.  The benefit?  If it doesn't work, you can rerun the sequence fairly quickly after you review and correct it.

Thursday 03 April 2014 3:08:43 pm

HI Mike,

You might also find this useful:

Tuesday 08 April 2014 12:04:19 pm

Thanks for all your help!


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