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upgrading database in phpmyadmin

upgrading database in phpmyadmin

Monday 22 September 2003 12:04:46 pm - 6 replies

Hi, i'm trying to upgrade the database on my ezpublish-3.2.0-2 install.

How do I do that in phpmyadmin, as I can't simply upload the dbupdate-3.2.0-2-to-3.2-1.sql and run it as a query, because it gives errors about duplicate column names and existing tables.

Thanks for any help.

Monday 22 September 2003 12:27:00 pm

Delete the offending line and then run it

Modified on Monday 22 September 2003 12:27:10 pm by Tony Wood

Monday 22 September 2003 2:15:42 pm

thanks, but that means i'll have to delete 80% of the dbupdate-3.2.0-2-to-3.2-1.sql file, as almost every line gives an error.

Modified on Monday 22 September 2003 2:18:12 pm by bisk

Monday 22 September 2003 2:47:29 pm

I had the same experience, but it appears to work.

Monday 22 September 2003 7:27:42 pm

Be carefull with deleting. I ended with a corrupted database.

Monday 22 September 2003 8:02:05 pm

Yep, there are quite a lot of "offending lines" in dbupdate 3.2.0-2-to-3.2-1. This script does not fit in the upgrade sequence at all.

The mystery is twofold:
After having cleansed dbupdate 3.2.0-2-to-3.2-1 from each superfluous line, the cleansed script has just the following lines:


create index ezsearch_word_object_count on ezsearch_word(object_count);
create index ezcontentobject_status on ezcontentobject( status );
create index ezcontentobject_tree_path_depth on ezcontentobject_tree( path_string, depth );
create index ezurlalias_source_md5 on ezurlalias( source_md5 );
create index ezpreferences_name on ezpreferences( name );
ALTER TABLE ezcontentobject_attribute ADD index ( sort_key_int );
ALTER TABLE ezcontentobject_attribute ADD index ( sort_key_string );

ALTER TABLE ezsite_data ADD PRIMARY KEY ( name );

INSERT INTO ezsite_data (name, value) VALUES('ezpublish-version', '3.2');
INSERT INTO ezsite_data (name, value) VALUES('ezpublish-release', '1');


Now, if you compare this remainder dbupdate script for ezp 3.2 beta 2 upgrades to ezp 3.2 release with the complete kernel_schema file of ezp 3.2 release, the CREATE INDEX statements of the update script are not part of the kernel_schema.sql.

In other words: Upgrading from ezp 3.1 to 3.2 does not exactly produce the ezp 3.2. kernel schema.
Since the differences are just about indices, they won't do any harm except that one might encounter differences in database performance and resource allocation.
The thing remains strange, though. One does not know which procedure to choose in order to obtain a ezp 3.2 kernel_schema as intended by ez systems blunk.gif Emoticon

Modified on Monday 22 September 2003 9:00:23 pm by Volker Lenz

Monday 22 September 2003 8:56:09 pm

thanks for the reply's, as I was wondering if I was the only one with upgrade problems on the sql part.

Anyway I've got a database back-up so I'll see how it goes.


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