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upload form errors

upload form errors

Friday 27 April 2012 7:44:24 pm - 4 replies

Hi,  I'm new to Ez Publish. I'm having problem with the form that was created before I started taking care of  the site. It seems that the form was created to collect information from potential employees.  It has the basics, name, email, address etc, but then it has a spot to upload a resume.  When the resume is attached to the form, everything is fine, but when the form is sent without a resume attached (the upload input of the form is blank) we get an error that looks like this:


Fatal error: eZ Publish did not finish its request
The execution of eZ Publish was abruptly ended. Contact website owner with current url and what you did

Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. I'm a little bit under the gun.



Saturday 28 April 2012 8:50:42 am

The Fatal error message is pretty much the default error message with display errors turned off in your php.ini, but there are a couple of places to look to see what the root cause is -

In your apache error log where php errors are dumped

or <ezroot>/var/log

You can also set display errors but I wouldn't recommend it on a production machine.

This upload form used to work?  Was the site changed or upgraded recently?  Settings changed?   I'm guessing that whatever is handling the file upload is either a custom module or http://projects.ez.no/enhancedezbinaryfile since file type as an information collector is not native.

Tuesday 01 May 2012 10:29:02 am

I have seen something similar to this exact issue.

I would do exactly what Steve says above - look for issues with the log mesasages and also look at the Apache error log files just in case. 

Of course, there can be a plethora of reasons why you get the lovely 'eZ Publish messed up and I won't tell you why' screen, but my suggestion number 2 below (no upload -> no file -> no object -> error trying to interact with object) is a good place to target your search.


1 - scrip2 ended gracefully.:

The message above is from eZ Publish, which ended the execution.  This is a a good indicator that the issue is not related to memory or max execution - usual culprits with file uploads.  If either of them were the case, then the end would most likely have given you a blank screen.

2 - Look Closely here for an issue in whatever handler you are using for the file upload:

I suspect you can look for this type of problem:  The form does not require the file to be uploaded, but your upload handler does not realize that.  I suspect that there is a place in the code that calls eZContentUpload::handleLocalFile or eZContentUpload::handleUpload (or some other variant). IN this place, there is a somewhat predictable type of issue: No file uploaded, but the code around the file upload happens (where an object would normally be found), so no object created, but then some 'attribute::save or attribute::sync fails - because it is trying to save or sync an object (The upload) that does not exist. Look fo an error about call to a member function on a non-object and work back form there.

Tuesday 01 May 2012 2:58:37 pm

Thanks everyone, I'm still working on the issue and will let you know if/when I have some success. 

Monday 07 May 2012 8:24:27 pm

Hello all,

Thank you for the information, seems nothing has worked though. I think I'm going to start from scratch and create a new form.  Any suggestions on plugins I should use to create a form with an upload document option?




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