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Uploaded image 0 kb?

Uploaded image 0 kb?

Monday 20 October 2008 10:46:49 am - 4 replies

Hi! I just moved our (old...) expublish installation to a new hosting company because of a switch to php5 by our former hosting company. Everything seems to be working OK, except for uploading images.

When I upload an image in the backend it seems to go fine, but the actual uploaded image is 0KB. So no image is actually shown.

I check the server functionality by creating a small upload script for images. This seems to be working OK. So that should not be the problem.

The ezimagecatalogue/catalogue directory is set to 777 to make sure the right are no problem as well. And this also seems to be OK because an file is written to this directory, although it's 0 KB.

Maybe this is a problem with ImageMagic of something?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I believe our version of EzPublish is V2. But I'm not sure. (I just started working here...)


Monday 20 October 2008 11:22:52 am

It seems ImagemAgic and GD are both installed on the server. Are there any requirements for the version of these tools?

Monday 20 October 2008 4:09:22 pm

I've seen this before when doing a package export/import. Did you do an eZ Publish export mechanism to move environments?

Monday 20 October 2008 7:09:33 pm


have your images / files you try to upload any kind of special chars in their filenames?
For Example german umlauts or other global-kind special chars.

Are your filenames displayed completely (no stripped names) in the media-kind-area nof the backend?

I'm currently migrating some ezPublish's v2 and v3 and encountered several non-utf8-string-failures (whatsoever) according to filenames and file-contents (when indexing with ezfind. but thats another thread).


Modified on Monday 20 October 2008 7:11:14 pm by Christian Rößler

Wednesday 22 October 2008 3:47:27 pm

are you sure that you varDir at FileSettings section in site.ini is right ?


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