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url_alias and ordere parameters

url_alias and ordere parameters

Monday 05 November 2012 4:33:52 pm - 1 reply



I have a an object that has this url /contact_particuliers/formulaire_expat_uno which is an alias for this url : /content/view/full/685

I added unordered parameters like this /contact_particuliers/formulaire_expat_uno/(id)/33498/(code)/10REDUC it works fine but I was wondering if it was possible to have the parameters in an ordered way like this : /contact_particuliers/formulaire_expat_uno/33498/10REDUC but it gave me a 404 error when this url /content/view/full/685/33498/10REDUC works.


Did anyone have the same problem ? And if it's the case, is there a solution ?

Monday 05 November 2012 7:01:58 pm

This is not possible afaik.

It is because eZ would have a hard time understanding if the /33498/10REDUC part in your url is meant to be a parameter or the path to some content (eg. 2 nodes down from your actual page).

But you can play around with:

- wildcard url aliases

- custom modules and views

- apache rewrite rules

and I'm sure you can find a way to achieve what you need

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