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User with unvalidated account

User with unvalidated account

Thursday 06 September 2007 10:22:19 pm - 4 replies

If a user register and you have selected the 'VerifyUserEmail' in the site.ini.append.php file, the account will remain as 'disabled' until the user click, in the email, on the link.
Fine, but how do I get away registration from users that never validate. ?
I thought that the account will be in draft mode and belong to the 'UserCreatorID' but it does not.
What's happen to them???

Friday 07 September 2007 12:13:39 am


I think this will help you.

-If you go into admin in the Account section.
-Select the User object.
-Click on Configure user account settings
-Set it to enabled

Job done user can now log in without clicking on th eemail link


Friday 07 September 2007 12:02:32 pm

Hi Tony,

My logic is different.
I want the user to validate their emails by clicking on the link but I want to know what's happen to the account created by users that don't click on it.

Such account remains in an 'disabled' state (which is fine), but over time, you can have a lot of such accounts.

I thought they will be 'disabled' and in draft mode, so I could clear them as object in draft mode or list them under the admin drafts. But they are object in a published state.

SO, is there a built in process in eZ that clean up unvalidated account or shoul I write a cron that delete all users with a status 'disabled' that are older than x days?


Friday 07 September 2007 4:49:42 pm

No,there is no built in process in eZ that clean up unvalidated account.
So a contribution which would do that could maybe be useful for others as well.

But please note that if an account is disabled doesn't necessary mean that it never has been validated/activated. It could also be that an administrator has disabled it afterwards for various reasons, and intended not to delete it.

Monday 10 September 2007 9:30:40 am

I will write a cronjob in the coming week and publish it.

Thanks for the info.



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