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Users can't login anymore

Users can't login anymore

Friday 30 September 2005 12:44:12 pm - 2 replies

I've got a ez Publish (I think 3.5.2) running for months without any Problem!

Suddenly my user's can't login in any more.
When you enter a vali Login - the Login-Box will reappear without any error. If you enter a wron password - there will be an error, that this user or password does not exist!


Friday 30 September 2005 3:42:15 pm

Hi Peter

Nothing comes straight to mind, I'm sure others may have some suggestions for you. A few obvious things:
Clear the cache;
Check your database health;
Checked the logs
Switch on debug by IP incase it offers more tips;
Find out if anything on your host server has been changed recently. PHP versions etc?
Post whatever more information you can find here.

Friday 30 September 2005 4:35:32 pm


I don't know how, but the Database-Settings from "siteaccess/site.ini" had disapeard?!?!

After inserteing the correct data it wored again....

Very strange behaviour... ?!!?



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