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WebDAV configuration

WebDAV configuration

Monday 15 September 2003 3:49:24 pm - 6 replies


I can't get webdav to work with eZPublish 3.2 Beta

If I telnet to port and issue a GET / HTTP/1.1 followed by Host: webdav.mysite.etc

I get 500 Internal Server Error.
The /tmp/webdav.txt says

A simple GET /info.txt shows me the contents of the info.txt I put in the var/webdav/root

IE does not work.

nd has the following output:
[sater@myhost]$ ./nd -v
Name: //content
Status: 0
Last-Modified: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 15:00:47
Created: 2003-09-04T15:00:47Z
Resource-Type: text

Name: //info.txt
Status: 0
Last-Modified: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 15:00:47
Created: 2003-09-04T15:00:47Z
Size: 97
Content-Type: text/plain

[sater@myhost$ ./nd
Error: GET failed, `Internal Server Error'

Monday 15 September 2003 4:09:41 pm

I haven't tried with webdav yet, but do the ez documents help you?


Monday 15 September 2003 4:47:01 pm

That is the document I followed when setting it up...

Monday 15 September 2003 5:37:56 pm


Try this thread, it helped me get it to a point where i could test
However, I would wait until 3.2 is released in a couple of days.


Tuesday 16 September 2003 9:53:36 am

The WebDAV implementation in ezp has gone through a lot of changes lately; I believe you were testing WebDAV in 3.2 beta 1, right? - If so: it was partially broken and most of the bugs/problems should have been fixed now. Please wait for the final release, which is tomorrow (2003.09.17).

Tuesday 16 September 2003 10:03:43 am

Another thing: the WebDAV setup-doc is kinda out of date, I'll update/change it later on today... stay tuned! happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 16 September 2003 10:39:49 am

Mouthwatering Balazs !

On the other hand, I hope more bugs are fixed tomorrow than marked as such in the bug report section.

Tx a lot



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