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WebDav doenst work!

WebDav doenst work!

Wednesday 08 May 2013 4:33:25 pm - 1 reply

Horah folks!

Here's my problem: I installed and configured WebDav like this:

Everything went good and I dont get any error messages. But Anyclient doenst show me any objects of ez nor siteacces. There cant be a problem with the ini.

My error log vor ez shows me this:

Unexpected error, the message was : DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (@) at position 0 (@): Unexpected character in [[MY PATH TO EZ]]]l/kernel/private/classes/webdav/ezwebdavcontentbackend.php on line 458

At line 458 I found this:  $property->date = new ezcWebdavDateTime( '@' . $timestamp );
But how can this be an error? On other WebDav installations this works fine! There is no problem with this line.

I hope someone can help me!

Greetings, Timmy

Friday 28 August 2015 12:06:12 am

Hi Tim!

Do you remember how did you solved this?





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