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webdav does not authenticate

webdav does not authenticate

Sunday 10 May 2009 7:42:15 pm - 2 replies

Webdav connects ok and shows list of siteaccesses, but when trying to cd to one fails to authenticate although i try to log in as admin. There are no errors in ezp or php log, just this in warning log that may be relevant:

PHP: E_WARNING: strpos() [<a href='function.strpos'>function.strpos</a>]: Empty delimiter. in /var/www/ez/411_site/lib/ezc/Webdav/src/path_factories/automatic.php on line 113

Same warning on line 118.

Site is ezp 4.1.1 on Ubuntu 8.4 LTS, php5 running under apache2 as fastcgi.

What could be wrong?

Monday 11 May 2009 9:22:25 am


Might be FastCGI related.

Could you report it in the issue tracker? Developer responsible for implementation will look into it. Please make sure that you have read carefully the WebDAV doc

Thank you.

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Saturday 08 June 2013 4:55:31 am

Hello Folks,

I wanted to make a note here in response to a whole day of troubleshooting a problem with logging into eZ Publish's webdav server.

Me, the client etc all could not login to the webdav. We could connect but not authenticate to the admin siteaccess.

The problem turned out to be FastCGI. If you switch off FastCGI and go with the apache's php module then the login problems went away instantly (after restarting the webserver of course) and all users could use webdav normally.

So todays lesson has become eZ Publish webdav does not like running FastCGI and authentication would fail until the apache module was used instead.

So .. I truly hope this message helps others who have the same kind of problem.

Bye Bye FastCGI for this virtualhost / plesk domain. Problem solved!!



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