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webdav, ezp 3.10 and Windows XP

webdav, ezp 3.10 and Windows XP

Thursday 07 February 2008 1:35:07 am - 2 replies

Hi all,

My configuration:

- ezp 3.10.0
- Windows XP SP2 latest patches
- Debian Etch with latest updates, (apache 2.2.3, php 4.4.4-8, mysql 5.0.32)

Rewrite for webdav:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule !\.(css|jar|js|html|htm|php)$ /webdav.php

Everything's working fine in all clients (cadaver, Nautilus, Konqueror, OSX Finder) that I've tried, except in Windows. I can see the top 3 levels fine: i.e siteaccess list, Content & Media, & the children of Content or Media.

However, when I go into for example Media/Files, the address in the URL bar changes to: <- note the extra "Media" getting inserted. It's the same with Content (just replace Media with Content). I'd get a "resource not found" error. If I manually remove Media from the above URL and reload it, I get a 404 page.

This only happens in Windows XP & IE, and not in other OSes & clients. Before our upgrade from 3.9.4 to 3.10.0, it used to work in Windows XP & IE.

Any suggestion?

Thursday 07 February 2008 8:21:00 am


Look on issue:

It was fixed in eZ Publish 3.10.1 which should be release within 2 weeks. This bug does not affect version 4.0.

Modified on Thursday 07 February 2008 8:21:50 am by Ɓukasz Serwatka

Thursday 07 February 2008 11:06:45 pm

Thanks Lukasz. I had a look in the bug tracker but couldn't find it earlier.


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