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What dist is 5.1?

What dist is 5.1?

Tuesday 07 October 2014 5:36:03 pm - 8 replies

'lo all,

gonna upgrade 4.7 to 5.1, buth which is 5.1? Can't seem to find any info on this...

Reagrds, Atle

Tuesday 07 October 2014 6:52:40 pm

Hello Atle,

Unfortunately here is no direct correlation (as your looking for).

Community Project releases are separate in so many ways from the now very commercial eZ Publish Enterprise releases.

If you wish to use community releases, you should not seek to upgrade to a specific ezpublish version number.

Instead you should upgrade to the latest available community release, as this is best for a great many reasons. Today, there is no reason not to upgrade to the latest available community release. Your best bet is to upgrade to 2014.07 in the downloads section. Remember you only have to do a direct upgrade to the latest release not incremental upgrades as -was- popular long ago with the old ezpublish releases.

I hope this helps.


Tuesday 07 October 2014 7:01:06 pm

Hi again, Heath happy.gif Emoticon

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I know that one could upgrade step-by-step, I follwoed that advice up to 4.7.

But going 2012.9 did not work properly, have tried it three times now, and it fails. Therefore i wanted to try this - but what is 5.1? hehe

(Not because I'm lazy)

Regards, Atle

Tuesday 07 October 2014 8:11:14 pm

Hello Atle,

The documentation you link to is not old but is intended -only- for eZ Publish Enterprise customers/users, so you'll need to disregard it and use the community documentation provided with each release.

5.1 refers to the non-free eZ Publish Enterprise version 5.1 (a very very old release at that).

Second, you say 'going 2012.9 did not work properly' what is the problem in graphic detail?

How does it fail, what are you trying to do, how are you doing it, what steps did you take? We need much more detail to be able to help you. 

What version of php are you using exactly?

Also it still sounds like you refuse to simply use the 2014.07 release for your upgrade (one upgrade not many). Why are you still trying to do incremental release upgrades? You really need to give up on the 2012.9 release and upgrade directly to 2014.07 instead.

Also no one is calling anyone any names here happy.gif Emoticon

I hope this helps!


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Tuesday 11 November 2014 10:28:57 am

Hello again Heath, sorry for not responding before now, had some other incidents that took all focus/time.

Just wanted to ask about the upgrade of the database, must it be done step-by-step or is it any shortcut there (from 2012.8)?

Gonna follow your advice on going 2014.7 directly, it worked like a charm -> 2012.8 happy.gif Emoticon



Tuesday 11 November 2014 12:21:08 pm

Hello Atle,

Good to hear from you. No worries on your delay happy.gif Emoticon

I'm afraid there is no shortcut for database updates.

These must be applied correctly and in order but that should not take long at all to do manually.

Best Wishes!


Tuesday 18 November 2014 9:42:25 pm

Thanks again Heath happy.gif Emoticon

Rgds, Atle

Tuesday 18 November 2014 10:23:34 pm

Hello Atle,

No worries. Happy to help!


Wednesday 19 November 2014 8:07:32 am

While not right up to date here is a link to ezpublish_version_history which is a great version correlation chart between the community and enterprise version.  I find it very useful for reference, so I hope it continues to be maintained.


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