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what happened to the roles in 3.2?

what happened to the roles in 3.2?

Tuesday 28 October 2003 12:14:40 pm - 11 replies

I have installed 3.2 on RH9 and with Apache 2 and PHP 4.3. All seems fine, but I can't find the 'roles' section in the admin backend.

I am trying to give anon users access to new classes I have created...

any idea where the roles have gone?

Tuesday 28 October 2003 12:20:24 pm

Look in the user section.

The relative link is: http://<your-site>/role/list


Tuesday 28 October 2003 1:22:50 pm

Brilliant, that worked! Many thanks Paul.
This has brought to light a separate problem for me, which I now realised why I could not access this page.

When I click on the Users tab in the admin section the link points to '/content/view/full/5/' (under the Content tab) and not the users section.

Any ideas as to why this maybe happening??

Modified on Tuesday 28 October 2003 1:23:19 pm by Lachy Laycock

Tuesday 28 October 2003 1:24:55 pm

Are you using old settings/database from a previous version of ez? I remember that you add an extra section for users in certain situations. Could this be the problem?

This shouldn't happen with a fresh install of ez3.2. Are you using ez3.2-2?


Tuesday 28 October 2003 1:45:30 pm

I am using 3.2-2 with a fresh install.
I have hacked the admin pagelayout template to correct it to a certain degree. But it is by no means a fix.

I have noticed similar behaviour in the 'Media' tab link, which points to '/content/view/full/43' and I assume it should be something else.

I have also confirmed the same behaviour on other installs I made from the same package.

Can you please tell me what the link to the users and media section top should be, I will edit the templates as that is where the links seem to be hard-coded in.


Modified on Tuesday 28 October 2003 1:49:02 pm by Lachy Laycock

Tuesday 28 October 2003 2:02:59 pm

Actually, just looked at my admin and realised I see the same. 'content/view/full/5' to get into the user section and 'content/view/full/43' to get into the media section. The links take me to where i expect to goto. Is this not the case for you?


Tuesday 28 October 2003 2:18:36 pm

Yes I have the same, and when i click on users it goes to '/content/view/full/5/' and shows the list of users in the body section, but the 'Content' tab is highlighted and the sub-nav below is the Content section sub-nav.

Hence my inability to find 'Roles' in the beginning...

Tuesday 28 October 2003 3:06:46 pm

Thats very odd. The user tab should be highlighted after clicking that link.

Have you enabled debugging? Perhaps there are errors being reported that will help with tracking down where the problem lies? Make sure you clear the cache after enabling debugging.


Tuesday 28 October 2003 3:21:47 pm

- Go to setup -> sections.
- Check if a section is there and assigned to the users root node, if not create it and assign to the users root node
- Check if the contentnavigation part is saying Users, if not change it
- Clear caches

-> Now your left menu with roles will be back when hit the Users tab


Tuesday 28 October 2003 3:28:42 pm

Paul, i thought problem no longer existed?

Tuesday 28 October 2003 3:41:35 pm

It depends on how you install ez publish: I got it too recently with a clean install (no demo data) at home. I never bothered to delve deeper on this, just looked at the defined sections and assignments to navigation parts and added things if they were missing.


Tuesday 28 October 2003 3:55:55 pm

Ok, now thanks to both your help I have finally resolved this. It was entirely my fault... :$

I had had problems assigning sections to folders in the content section and I had removed the default 'Standard section', 'Users' etc. That had broken the tab links!

many thanks to both of you for your help in this!


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