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What is ezwebin ?

What is ezwebin ?

Tuesday 15 December 2009 5:22:30 pm - 2 replies

I think this is a question a lot of people ask themselves : What is ezwebin ?

Why this extension seems to be linked to ezfind and ezflow ?

I find this very disturbing as extension should be independent from one another.

For exemple : Why ezfind templates were bounded to the ezwebin design and not simply to "base" design ?

Thanx in advance for any explanation about that.

Tuesday 15 December 2009 10:29:51 pm

As far as I know these are not really dependecies. Some extensions, like ezflow and ezfind have several design folders and tenplates, provided as an extra service to seamlessly integrate with for example the ezwebin design. Depending on the sitedesign settings in site.ini, one of these folders is used. This all depends on the extensions you use (to be precise, your sitedesign and additionalsitedesign settings in site.ini).

Ezwebin is simply another sitedesign with a templateset. Other extensions like ezfind 'hook' into this. If you do not have ezwebin installed a different sitedesign is used accordingly. There is always the standard design with default templates to fall back on, and those templates whould always provide all functionality.

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Wednesday 16 December 2009 10:09:54 am


Let me start from refreshing our memories and get back to the prior 3.8 era. Do you remember old ugly packages with very limited functionality? Packages like Corporate, Shop, News, etc. One of the biggest weakness of eZ Publish were those packages, especially for people without technical knowledge, not like you are Martin. Based on the feedback we had we wanted to make eZ Publish more like CMS not CMF so we decided to make ezwebin, simple to use interface with collection of features, like event calendar, flexible frontpages, blogs, documentation pages, multipage-articles, etc. So most users can benefit from using site right after installation focusing more on the content management then on the creating basic functionally from scratch. We wanted also to ship ezwebin with more professional designs then it used to be in the past. So that is a ground of ezwebin.

Back to the topic. Why ezflow is depending on ezwebin. Simple answer maintenance, both extensions share same pagelayout and we don't see anything wrong in that. Why would we need to maintain same identical templates? In professional scenario you implement your own design folder (like Sander wrote about) where you can take ezwebin pagelayout and other templates and customize it. eZ Find bundle ezflow or ezwebin templates to make feature visible, you might think about it like a demo or a base for your custom templates or functionality. I hope this answer your question.

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