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where is Design tab in ez Publish 4.3 ?

where is Design tab in ez Publish 4.3 ?

Sunday 18 April 2010 9:21:30 pm - 6 replies


I just installed 4.3 for the first time and I can't see Design tab or any other place that would provide similar functionality to the one from 4.2.

Should Design tab still be there and something is broken with my install? Or how can I access it or other part of GUI providing similar functionality?


Sunday 18 April 2010 9:25:14 pm

I just found that it's hidden by default in menu.ini ... additionally - two links from left hand menu are also hidden, I'm not sure why ... I think once someone unhides entire design tab, all left menu options should be visible by default

Modified on Sunday 18 April 2010 9:39:36 pm by Michal Slocinski

Monday 19 April 2010 9:51:38 am

Hi Michal,

You may want to check this useful mini-tutorial on how to re-enabled it :


Tuesday 20 April 2010 6:35:24 pm

I've now managed to get a Design tab to appear, but there is no Templates option in the left menu and it's not very clear from your link how to do this. Can anyone tell me what I need to add to menu.ini in order to get this to appear?


Tuesday 04 May 2010 10:46:51 am

To enable Template link in Design tab follow a hint here

Go to setup>>menu.ini>>**_admin(your admin site)>>leftmenu_design>> add


Thursday 13 January 2011 8:06:34 pm

Hello, I am new to ez publish and new to trying to the forums and I am having a difficult time getting basic settings to come up. Trying to get access to the design tab I have followed the instructions above

and added



as outlined

and now the TopMenuAdmin reads like this

default [0]
default [1] dashboard
default [2] content
default [3] media
default [4] users
default [5] shop
siteaccess [6] design
siteaccess [7] setup

However the top tabs have not changed no matter where I am in the admin.

Please tell me how to access the design tab as I would like to be able to edit the sites theme.

Thank you,


Thursday 22 March 2012 5:00:10 pm

I was wondering the same thing and happened to find them after I clicked on the Media Library Tab at the top - then they appeared. If you click on any of the other tabs, they then disappeared. Not sure if this is 'normal'


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