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3 days with no solution

3 days with no solution

Monday 07 July 2003 11:05:54 am - 3 replies

Hi ..

my site will have multi language, user can submit his site data with different languages, and user can submit one per language ...

Now, the problem is how can I detect from template whit which language he had submitted his data?
I need to know this to prevent him to submit twice with the same language!

I know with '$:item.contentobject_version_object.language_list.0.language_code'
I can get the language code, but as you see the array is with 0,1,..etc, so i cann`t take this as constant for langauge code !

I had spend 3 days at this with no solution ... any help please ?!


Modified on Monday 07 July 2003 11:09:23 am by Selmah Maxim

Monday 07 July 2003 11:08:58 am

You need to use the featutres in the content edit page. If you add two or more translations to an object you will see that you get a radiobox on the right hand side where you can select the translation. You need to use this code to specify the current translation.


Modified on Monday 07 July 2003 11:09:13 am by Bård Farstad

Monday 07 July 2003 11:14:07 am

thx brad, but is there are any way to list from template with which language had sent ?

I mean, if user browesing site en/ then the template code should check if he have recored with english language ..

anther way, is there are any way to term in loop to select the language code ?

Monday 07 July 2003 11:17:52 am

The idea that there is user menu, if user didn`t send yet his info with en/ language will get 'New Data' link , else will get 'Edit' , in case new and he click this button he will go to categories listing module (I made it) , so in this case there is no edit option .. coz he must select category then after that he go to edit page !


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