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A small problem in the login.tpl that was solved

A small problem in the login.tpl that was solved

Monday 21 July 2003 6:41:12 pm

I have an entry page showing the names of a bunch of designers. These designers are of course objects of a custom class I made....

Now when the user clicks a designer name, he get's a surprise ! He has to register or login to actually view the designer...

My approach is this:

{section show=fetch(user,current_user).is_logged_in}
{include uri="design:user/login.tpl"}

Clever am I not ? happy.gif Emoticon

Only one problem - The login page thinks that there has been issued a warning

the section: {section show=$User:warning.bad_login}

is shown

How can I deal with this ?

I nailed it myself - But having written the post I might as well share:

it seems that for some reason $User:warning.bad_login returns something that is evaluated as true - the cure is changing the line to:

{section show=and($User:warning.bad_login) }

(the same applies for the {section-else} )

login.tpl, bad_login, warning

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