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Admin site "user" tab points to "content" section

Admin site "user" tab points to "content" section

Friday 18 July 2003 6:21:50 pm - 1 reply

In the pagelayout.tpl for admin, the Admin site "user" tab points to "content" section. What's wrong with this code:

{* Users menu *}
{section show=eq($navigation_part.identifier,'ezusernavigationpart')}
{include uri="design:page_menuheadselected.tpl" menu_text='Users'|i18n('design/admin/layout') menu_url="/content/view/full/5/"}
{include uri="design:page_menuheadgray.tpl" menu_text='Users'|i18n('design/admin/layout') menu_url="/user/userlist/"}

I am not able to set roles, permissions for users because the "users" tab links to the content template. Can someone please help. I "did not" edit this template. It is as it was when freshly installed.

Thanks in advance. Doug Johnson

Saturday 19 July 2003 12:18:06 am

Did you delete a section?
Check the section of you're users. Go to that section and make sure the view is Users.



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